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Purpose in life is positively correlated with psychological and physical wellbeing. It is also an important part of healthy identity formation in adolescence and is linked to academic success. However, purpose in adolescence is rare, with only one in five adolescents being able to identify their purpose in life (Damon, 2008). Moreover, purpose in life becomes less prevalent across the lifespan, leaving many people drifting and disengaged. The good news is, that research shows, it is possible to foster purpose and adolescence is an optimal time to do so. This paper reviews the research on purpose in adolescence, reviews existing interventions, and proposes a model for a new type of purpose intervention for adolescents.


purpose, adolescence, identity formation, coaching, design thinking


Well-Being/Flourishing, Counselling/Coaching


Literature Review and Intervention Plan



Date Posted: 04 September 2018