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Shabbat (Sabbath) is the most important holiday in Judaism. It is a time of joy, rest and reflection, separate from the other days of the week. Jews celebrate Shabbat in many different ways, depending on one’s denomination within Judaism, family rituals and customs. Engaging in weekly Shabbat dinners is one way to celebrate Shabbat. From a positive psychology perspective, Shabbat dinners are a means to increase well-being. Looking at Shabbat dinner through a “Shabbat mindset” brings new meaning to the experience. By examining psychological theories and research, such as positive emotions and self-determination, it seems that Shabbat dinner is an ideal positive intervention. The rituals and structure of a Shabbat dinner foster positive emotions, engagement, relationship building, meaning, achievement, self-efficacy and much more.


"positive psychology, positive intervention, ritual, meaning, purpose, well-being, Shabbat"



Date Posted: 28 August 2018