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The pursuit of happiness is an age-old human quest; so is the axiom of “know thyself”. This book proposal explores the link between these two ancient ideas, relevant even in modern times. Using the backdrop of my personal quest for happiness in combination with findings from various scientific disciplines, I argue that our happiness, at least in part, is under our control, and that self-awareness can be an empowering tool in finding lasting happiness. There are three parts to this book proposal: Part I reviews the scientific literature on well-being and explores answers to the question: What makes us happy? Part II presents a new definition of self-awareness along with challenges associated with knowing our selves, and also offers ways to become more self-aware. Part III provides specific suggestions for people to use their self-awareness to enhance their well-being. The objective of the proposed book is to inspire people to take charge of their happiness by taking charge of themselves, instead of blaming other people or circumstances for their unhappiness. I believe that if everyone in this world used their limited time and attention to focus on aspects of well-being within their control, not only would we all be happier, we may also contribute to a better world, one filled with more love, compassion, and happiness.


self-awareness, know thyself, happiness, well-being, positive psychology


Self-awareness, Happiness, Well-Being/Flourishing, Counseling/Coaching


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Date Posted: 14 August 2018