Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Capstone Projects

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This paper is intended to develop preliminary thoughts regarding implementation of positive psychology methods in organizations for the benefit of both the workforce and business. The first section examines the extension of positive psychology into scholarship for positive organizations. The second section reports informal qualitative interviews with selected senior corporate executives. The focus of investigation is the preliminary discovery regarding corporate awareness of, and interest in, positive psychology. The interviews will also investigate corporate executives’ attitudes regarding the practical use of academic research. The paper concludes by digging deeply into an advanced positive construct for organizations, psychological capital, substantiating that it is a greatly developed, well-studied topic acceptable for organizational application. Psychological capital will be presented as a model representing the conclusions reached in this paper regarding the state of positive psychology applications in organizations.


Positive Organizations, Positive Business, Positive Executives, Positive Psychology, Positive Psychology Relevance, Academic/Business Translation, Academic/Business Communication, Academic/Business Facilitation, Psychological Capital, PsyCap


Well-Being/Flourishing in Business


Qualitative Empirical Study



Date Posted: 06 October 2016