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Dr. Howard Kunreuther


Numerous studies state that universal motorcycle helmet mandates are extremely effective in reducing motorcyclist fatalities and injuries. As a result, there have been two federal attempts to pass motorcycle helmet mandates, in 1966 and 1991; however, both of these mandates have since been repealed, even despite scientific evidence supporting their implementation. The purpose of this report therefore is to examine the main reasons for why universal motorcycle helmet mandates have not yet been passed in the U.S. Through textual analysis of studies and news articles, this report concludes that the values and objectives of motorcyclist associations, and the mobilized coalition that has resulted, are the main obstacles preventing regulators from passing universal helmet law. As a result, moving forward, regulators should continue promoting education among motorcyclists on the benefits of helmet-wearing, and as an altenative to helmet mandates, also encourage helmet use through implementing choice architecture.


motorcycle helmet mandate, universal helmet law, motorcycle associations

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Date Posted: 10 August 2016


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