Sedentarization of the Nomads in the Arab Middle East

Neubart, Leo

In spite of the importance and magnitude of the issue, the problem of sedentarization has largely been neglected by experts on Middle Eastern affairs, and no comprehensive study has yet been made on the subject. The chief obstacle to an exhaustive treatment of the subject is the meagerness of reliable data. Trustworthy statistical information is generally not available for the countries of the Middle East, with the exception of Egypt and the Arab population of Palestine (lsrael). The Bedouin, more than the settled people, have a deep-rooted aversion to any type of enumeration. The writer has endeavored to consult the obtainable written literature, statistical, analytical and descriptive. While the material may be adequate for a discussion of sedentarization in general terms, a more detailed study must wait for additional factual data to become available.

Raphael Patai
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Library at the Katz Center - Archives Thesis. PJ6709 .N483 1952.
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