Human Rights in the 21st Century

Greenberg, Karen J
Nathan, Clemens
Ingram, Germaine

Karen J. Greenberg and Clemens Nathan are two of the leading contemporary voices on international human rights and international justice. Their discussion looks back at events of the previous century and forward to consider national and international challenges and priorities in the new century. Karen J. Greenberg is the Executive Director of the Center on Law and Security, based at New York University. She is the author of The Least Worst Place: Guantanamo's First 100 Days (Oxford University Press, 2009). She has edited The Enemy Combatant Papers (2008); The Torture Papers (2005); The Torture Debate in America (2005); and Al Quaeda Now (2005). Clemens Nathan worked with René Cassin at the Alliance Israelite Universelle and has carried on his tradition of working for human rights at the Clemens Nathan Research Centre, an organization devoted to the promotion of international human rights. Germaine Ingram (moderator) is Director of Site Development at The Benefit Bank, a program of Solutions for Progress, Philadelphia. To download podcasts of the lecture (divided into sections), choose from the additional files below. To view the event press release, select the Download button at upper right.

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Lorraine Beitler Collection of the Dreyfus Affair Distinguished Lecture Series
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Lecture presented 19 April 2009 in the Cohen Auditorium, Claudia Cohen Hall, 249 South 36th Street, University of Pennsylvania.
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