A Survey of 65 Kenicott Mss. of the Book of Joshua

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Handelman, Abraham

Since the end of the 18th century no attempt has been m ade to revise the work of collation, so as to incorporate evidence of any additional Mss. previously unknown. Only at the close of the 19th century Ch. David Ginsburg brought to light some 68 new Mss.3, on the basis of which he published his Bible edition.4 Of the new Mss. that came to light, some have been made accessible in Facsimile reproduction, and the evidence was made use of by S. Baer. But there is no complete collation of all existing Mss. of the Hebrew Bible available on any such scale as that of Kennicott and de Rossi. It is clear that some such work will have to be done. However, what may be expected from such a work, must be judged by what it is possible to get now from the collection so far attempted. The aim of this thesis is to establish such a survey for Kennicott in one book of the Bible, the Book of Joshua.

Solomon Zeitlin
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Library at the Katz Center - Archives Room Manuscript. BS491 .H363 1928.
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