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Judaica Americana: A Bibliography of Publications to 1900, with an estimated total of 9,500 entries, chronicles the decades prior to the twentieth century, a formative era for Jewish institutional development at a time when the Jewish community grew from 1,350 persons in 1790 to 1,050,000 in 1900. Taken as a whole, the bibliography provides extensive documentation of American Jewish communal activity. Equally important for the study of Jewish-Christian relations, hundreds of titles, many of them prophetic and proto-Zionist in nature, are included as relevant primary sources for assessing Christian attitudes on the development, history and testimony of the Jewish religion and the Jewish nation from early times to the close of the nineteenth century. Adventism and millenarian speculation, so pervasive in nineteenth-century America, are well documented in these pages; the same is true of conversionist activity. Creative writing (novels, short stories, dramas, poets) with Jewish themes or characters forms yet another subject emphasis and one that will prove to be exceedingly valuable for any extended study of stereotypes and the negative portrayal of the Jew in literature. For the purposes of this bibliography, annual gift books are approached as monographs. An additional file available below provides additional information, including an explanation of headings. pid: The Singerman number as assigned in Judaica Americana or with supp[0000] if part of the supplement asterisk: Rows noted by means of asterisk mean the compiler (Singerman) has not seen all of the monographic items presented in this row under holdings. This is further explained on xvi of Judaica Americana year: Year of publication (entries marked with a question mark are estimates) entry: The full entry as listed in Judaica Americana author_editor: Last-Name, First-Name OR Institution OR Company, when known location: Geographic location of the printer_publisher, written in city, state-abbreviation (ex. Philadelphia, PA) holdings: A selected list of library symbols can be found on pages i-iv of Judaica Americana. Those not included are standard ones utilized by the National Union Catalog, maintained by the Library of Congress title: Title of the publication printer_publisher: First-Name Last-Name OR Institution OR Company, when known notes: Any additional information. A list of abbreviations can be found on pages v-viii of Judaica Americana

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There is also an additional file available for download, which includes an explantation of the CSV headings. Please do not open this CSV in Excel, as it contains Hebrew characters and diacritics that will be lost in the encoding.
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