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    Advertisements for Runaway Indentured Servants, Enslaved Africans, Enslaved American Indians, and Fugitives in the American Weekly Mercury, 1719-1745
    (2023-10-04) Jason Daniels
    This dataset presents newspaper advertisements for runaway indentured servants, enslaved Africans (including individuals of African descent born in the Americas), and enslaved American Indians, as well as, deserters, escaped prisoners, and criminal fugitives extracted from The American Weekly Mercury (1719-1745). It contains 1,087 unique entries. While most of the entries refer to white indentured servants, a significant portion of the dataset is comprised of entries for enslaved Africans and enslaved American Indians, revealing an underappreciated diversity among laborers throughout the mid-Atlantic colonies during the first half of the eighteenth century. At their richest, the advertisements for runaways appearing in American colonial newspapers provide an individual’s name, sex, age, ethnicity, race, religion, information about their proprietor, talents and trade, state of health, gait, bearing, dress, language skills, traces of punishments, wounds, descriptions of brands, teeth, hair, skin color, perceived personality traits, distinguishing physical characteristics, presumed whereabouts, length of absence, and detailed descriptions of clothes and other material possessions. While this dataset is of particular importance for understanding the diversity of the mid-Atlantic’s, early-eighteenth-century, labor pool, and working-class resistance across identity groups, it also highlights the permeable boundaries and dynamic spaces of early American colonies, many of which those advertised as runaways sought to exploit. The dataset is described in Jason Daniels, “‘Gone towards Philadelphia’: Advertisements for Runaway Indentured Servants, Enslaved Africans, Enslaved American Indians, and Fugitives in the American Weekly Mercury, 1719-1745,” Journal of Slavery and Data Preservation 4, no. 3 (2023): 35-43.
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    Freight income on the Greenville and Columbia Railroad, June 1854-May 1855
    (2016-04-11) Marrs, Aaron
    This dataset provides monthly income from freight on the Greenville and Columbia Railroad from June 1854 to May 1855 as given in the annual report of the company. The annual report broke out up and down freight separately.
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    Pikeland, Pa., Tax List 1783
    (2015-09-08) Humphrey, Thomas J
    This is an assessment/tax list of the residents of Pikeland, Pennsylvania in 1783.
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    US Corporate Development 1790-1860
    (2015-01-25) Wright, Robert E
    Contains data about the US Corporate Development. Additional information and data are available at
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    Slaves in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    (2015-01-21) Wright, Robert E.
    The Bucks County Register of Slaves includes the name, occupation, and township of enslavers as well as the name, gender, and age of persons enslaved in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Manumission dates, racial status, and other notes are also noted for some of the slaves.