"Moses Almosnino, His Ethical and Other Writings": A Study of the Life and Works of a Prominent, Sixteenth Century, Salonikan Rabbi

Abeles, Charles J.

The works of R. Moses Almosnino, the subject of this study, contribute to the history of the Ottoman Empire and to the history of the Jews in the Ottomen Empire during the middle decades of the sixteenth century. As his three volumes of Responsa exist only in reference(l),this study differs from those based on Responsa literature. Almosnino's writings do not answer religious questions while indirectly illuminating some aspect of Jewish life. His writings that deal with his times are focused directly on the scene. Some of his other writings encompass philosophical, scientific end Jewish subjects of universal magnitude, that cannot be contained in the narrow confines of his times.

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<p>Library at the Katz Center - Archives Thesis. BM730 .A55 1957</p>
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