A Man-Machine Competitive Game: A Naval Duel

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Bursky, Philip
Churchill, William H
Lull, Bruce E
Wagstaff, Edward B
Prywes, Noah S

The research reported here is the development of a man-machine game in which the competitors are the captain of a submarine and the commander of an opposing task force. This naval game has been implemented and tested in the Problem Solving Facility of the University of Pennsylvania under Contract NOnr 551(48) sponsored by the Methodology Division, Office of Naval Research. The broad objective of this research has been to experiment with and develop a man-machine framework in which an executive, scientist or engineer may employ strategies and tactics in an operational environment. A complete functional description of the game will be given in this report. This chapter provides an overview of the game and cites its salient characteristics. Chapter 2 presents the game through a play-by-play record of one competitor in an actual duel. Chapter 3 presents the various aspects of the Problem Solving methodology and developed tactics by means of three annotated duels. This also illustrates the versatility of the game and demonstrates the competitors' capability to interact with the computer. Chapter 4 summarizes our research to date and lists planned refinements to the game. Additional documentation of the game structure is provided in the appendices.

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University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-68-34.
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