Equus Unbound: Fairman Rogers and the Age of the Horse (Panel Discussion)

Moelis, Herb
Moelis, Ellen
Kemmerer, Douglas
Greene, Ann Norton
Richardson, Dean W
Farrington, Lynne

Podcast introduction, Kristin Winch, 00:00-01:17 Welcome and introduction, H. Carton Rogers, 01:17-05:06:30 Remarks by panel moderator Ann N. Greene, 06:35-20:15 Remarks by Herbert Moelis, 20:33-28:58 Remarks by Ellen Moelis, 28:58-39:45 Remarks by Dean Richardson, 39:45-46:45 Remarks by Douglas Kemmerer, 46:45-1:07:45 Questions and answers, 1:07:45-1:10:18 Concluding remarks, Lynne Farrington, 1:10:18-1:11:19 To download a podcast of this event, choose either the standard quality mp3 file (shorter download) or the high quality m4a file (longer download), below. To view the exhibition poster, select Download button at upper right.

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<p>A panel discussion held in the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, University of Pennsylvania, on June 14, 2007, in conjunction with the exhibition "Equus Unbound: Fairman Rogers and the Age of the Horse." Total time: 1:11:18.</p>
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