Preserving Under Triple Dilemmas: Study on the Jinyang National Archaeological Site Park

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Qin, Zhongpei

This thesis introduces a new preservation type in China — the National Archaeological Site Park (abbreviated as NASP). With a special concern on the Jinyang NASP, this study summarizes the historical significance of the Jinyang archaeological site and reveals the mounting threatens to the site, which is posted by the massive urbanization and the aggressive developmental strategy prompted by the local leader, Mayor Geng. Taking the Jinyang site and Mayor Geng as an example, this research explores the complicated issues residing in the preservation fields of China. Viewing from the dimension of government, society and individual respectively, the author argues that there is a common status among China’s preservation practices, which is preserving under triple dilemmas: the inherent institutional syndrome of the government used to results in the distortion of the real ends of historic preservation; on the side of society, the increasingly imbalanced social development creates a divisive environment in which affairs of historic preservation are not favored; for various individuals involved in historic preservation, it is very difficult to reach consensus and make a common effort because of inconsistent personal benefits. At last, this thesis makes some suggestions for the improvement of the Jinyang NASP.

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Suggested Citation: Qin, Zhongpei (2018). Preserving Under Triple Dilemmas: Study on the Jinyang National Archaeological Site Park (Masters Thesis). University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.
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