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Gilmore, Alice Louise (2016). Recreating Acid Stains on Historic Concrete. (Masters Thesis). University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.


This thesis examines the feasibility of retreating the concrete at Jackson Lake Lodge with acid-based stains. The surface treatment at Jackson Lake Lodge is an unusual form of board finished or “fair-face” concrete. The building was cast with sand-blasted, plywood-formwork, which imprinted the concrete with a very pronounced wood-grain texture. The concrete was then finished with three different colors of acid stain – tan, brown and black, which created a translucent, variegated finish that closely resembled redwood. The first phase of testing, which is the focus of this thesis aims to analyze and characterize the original acid stains, to accurately recreate the original appearance of the stains, and to develop performance standards for their replication using accelerated weathering protocols.


concrete, acid-stains, international style, Jackson Lake Lodge, Mid-Century Modern



Date Posted: 31 May 2016