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Park, Soeun (2013). Proposing Design Guidelines of Insa-dong by Referring Design Guidelines of Old City Historic District. (Masters Thesis). University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.


Design Guidelines are written to preserve the character of the district, including architectural character of the structures and historic character of the district and buildings. In case of South Korea, the country began to concern preserving historic district, but does not have design guidelines. Design guidelines are necessary to support the preservation movement and for effective preservation in South Korea. The study focuses on proposing design guidelines of Insa-dong, Seoul by referring the design guidelines of Old City Historic District, Philadelphia. Insa-dong is the first Cultural District in South Korea and it has many historical and cultural properties within the area. Insa-dong and Old City Historic District have similarities in the characteristics that both place are mix of commercial and residential districts and mix of traditional and modern buildings.

The study assesses the history and the architectural history of Insa-dong, and also analysis of design guidelines of Old City Historic District and character defining features of Insa-dong. The contents of proposed design guidelines are determined by using the analysis of design guidelines of Old City Historic District and character defining features of Insa-dong. Since the Hanok is the major historic buildings in Insa-dong, the design guidelines mainly guide Hanok houses, but some general standards are added for modern style buildings to make harmony with Hanok and preserve historic view of Insa-dong.The design guidelines of Hanok include guidance of roof and eaves, structure, exterior wall, fence, storefront, two-story Hanok, and new construction. The design guidelines of modern style buildings include guidance of material, color, storefront, new construction. The other recommendations are suggested for effective preservation and sustainability of Insa-dong. The proposed design guidelines will be used for helping to protect cultural and historical view of Seoul, and also as a reference for future design guidelines.


Seoul, Hanok, historic building, color, material



Date Posted: 03 September 2014