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Krieger, Rebekah. (2011). Architectural Finishes at Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde National Park: Characterization and Interpretation of Room 115(2). (Masters Thesis). University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.


The conservation of finishes at Spruce Tree has been given priority due to the site's high public visibility and good state of preservation. Thousands of visitors view plaster finishes at Spruce Tree House throughout the year, yet little information is presented on the method of their application, their extent throughout the park, and how the dwellings might have originally looked.

Through characterization and analysis of finish schemes at Spruce Tree House, this thesis seeks to gain a fuller understanding of how Ancestral Puebloans utilized architectural surface finishes in different architectural typologies for a variety of functions. This study presents a complete vision of how Room 115(2) looked during its occupation and may have functioned within a larger architectural program.



Date Posted: 04 May 2012