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Moshier, Marissa J. (2010). "Commemoration and Protest: The Use of Heritage Trails to Connect Women's History with Historic Sites." (Masters Thesis). University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.


Women's heritage trails employ the theme of women’s history to link historic sites across cities or entire states. As shifts in preservation practice have begun to promote greater diversity in the interpretation of historic sites, these trails serve as educational tools and initiatives for heritage tourism that create networks of women’s history sites. The trails also serve as public commemorations of women’s roles in American history and as protests against the absence of women in the interpretation at historic sites. Through case studies in Boston, New Jersey, Maryland, and upstate New York, this thesis considers the motives and goals of women’s heritage trails within a broader movement to include the histories of diverse populations at heritage sites.


Historic Preservation; Women's History: Heritage Trails



Date Posted: 10 August 2010