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Lofstrom, Johanna Luise. (2010). "Beneficial Additions: Addressing Brutalist Architecture to Create a Financial and Spatial Synergy Between Historic Places of Worship with Secular Mix-Use Building Additions." (Masters Thesis). University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.


Rather than demolishing a historic house of worship due to lack of maintenance funding, this thesis proposes a design solution that preserves the structure while addressing the congregation's fundraising and programming needs. The goal is to design an example of how different identities of program can be combined while preserving the integrity of the historic structure. The thesis will assert that new additions can be beneficial as means of income for structures listed on the D.C. Landmark list that are exempt from federal funding and tax incentives. The end goal is to give structures that were not self-nominated for the D.C. Landmark list an opportunity to adapt to the owner's needs while still preserving the historic building.


Historic Preservation; Historic Places of Worship, Mixed Use Building



Date Posted: 10 August 2010