Theses (Historic Preservation)

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Thesis or dissertation

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January 2008


A thesis in Historic Preservation Presented to the Faculties of the University of Pennsylvania in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Degree of Master of Science in Historic Preservation 2008.
Advisor: David Hollenberg


As technology advances, changes inevitably occur within the preservation community in the practice of conducting field surveys and compiling and managing building inventories. The days of hand written forms and tedious data entry are passing as digital survey forms and hand held personal digital assistants (PDA's) make information compilation more efficient. Digital cameras simplify the process of capturing images and appending them to reports. Through the easy steps of pointing, shooting, uploading, and inserting, data is smoothly and clearly illustrated. With these advancements come both exciting possibilities and questions of effects. At this time, as the process of data compilation is changing, it is important as a professional community to reevaluate what it is we aim to achieve as we conduct surveys and compile inventories, and whether and to what extent the evolving technologies are serving those goals.



Date Posted: 14 July 2008