Theses (Historic Preservation)

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Thesis or dissertation

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January 2008


A thesis in Historic Preservation Presented to the Faculties of the University of Pennsylvania in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Degree of Master of Science in Historic Preservation 2008.
Advisor: Frank G. Matero


This thesis examines the exterior architectural surface finishes of the eastern façade of Open Area J, located in the southern end of Cliff Palace and the northern façade of Open Area 26, located in the northern end of Cliff Palace in the Speaker Chief Complex at Mesa Verde National Park. The selection of each site was based on their common incorporation of exterior façades defining an open area and the hypothesis that although Open Area J and Open Area 26 are believed to have been constructed during the same time period, dating to the 1260's CE., they may be associated with different social groups or may reflect a difference between public (Speaker Chief Complex) and private architectural space. A comparative study of these two open areas considered the similarities and differences between the compositional constituents, formulation and application of the earthen surface finishes found at each site over time.



Date Posted: 11 July 2008