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Alfonso X King of Castile and Leon 1221-1284
Andalusia (Spain) -- History -- 13th century -- Sources
Ecija (Spain) -- History -- 13th century -- Sources
Spain -- History -- 711-1516 -- Sources
Medieval Studies
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Two lists containing the names of persons who received land by order of the king in the neighborhood of Écija in Andalusia which was taken from the Moros ("Moors") in 1240. Among them are men and women of the royal court, such as ladies in waiting of the queen (f. 1v). The first list (f. 1-11) lists property holders divided by villages, with red paragraph marks at the beginning of descriptions of villages alternating with blue paragraph marks at the beginning of the names of people who received land from that village, with the land area measured in yugadas. The second list was made by order of King Alfonso X and his queen, Violante (f. 14-17). Before it is inserted a document (f. 12) dated "era de mill ccc xx vii," the old Spanish date corresponding to the year 1289. This states that this copy was made from a charter of Alfonso X given at Seville, 2 May, 1282. Folio 13 is blank. (According to Zacour-Hirsch, this list is apparently a version of that of 1263.).

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