Portraits in the University of Pennsylvania

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Addison, Agnes

This volume includes descriptions of the two hundred and sixty-seven portraits in oil and pastel owned by the University of Pennsylvania, of which one hundred and two are here illustrated. Portrait statues, busts, and medallions, pen-and-ink, charcoal, and pencil drawings have been omitted. The subjects are arranged chronologically by date of birth. At the end of the brief biographies, the measurements of the portraits are given in inches, height by width, together with the name of the artist where available, and the location of the portraits in the University buildings. Numerals provide cross references to the biographies and illustrations. Where there is more than one portrait of a subject an asterisk (*) in the descriptive details indicates which is illustrated. The portraits were photographed in black and white and in color by Carlton D. Fambrough of the Graduate Department of Anatomy, and the prints are now on file in the University. The biographical information for the subjects has been obtained from the Dictionary of American Biography, Who's Who in America, the Trustee and Alumni Records of the University, obituaries, and from subjects and their relatives who have been generous in their cooperation. The staff of the Frick Art Reference Library has aided in obtaining dates of artists. Many thanks are due to all who have helped to assemble the volume, especially to Dr. Edward W. Mumford and Mr. William DuBarry, Secretary and Vice-President respectively of the University of Pennsylvania, for their assistance in preparing the manuscript and selecting the illustrations. Lastly, publication has been made possible by the generous assistance and interest of Mr. John Frederick Lewis, Jr., of Philadelphia.

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