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Trajectory based verification using local finite-time invariance Agung Julius, and George J. Pappas. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, San Francisco, CA, April 2009.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-00602-9_16
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In this paper we propose a trajectory based reachability analysis by using local finite-time invariance property. Trajectory based analysis are based on the execution traces of the system or the simulation thereof. This family of methods is very appealing because of the simplicity of its execution, the possibility of having a partial verification, and its highly parallel structure. The key idea in this paper is the construction of local barrier functions with growth bound in local domains of validity. By using this idea, we can generalize our previous method that is based on the availability of global bisimulation functions. We also propose a computational scheme for constructing the local barrier functions and their domains of validity, which is based on the S-procedure. We demonstrate that our method subsumes some other existing methods as special cases, and that for polynomial systems the computation can be implemented using sum-of-squares programming.



Date Posted: 06 October 2009

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