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The Penn Population Studies Research Briefs series includes various types of short research documents that highlight and synthesize the scholarly work of researchers at the Population Studies Center (PSC) and Population Aging Research Center (PARC). In addition, the series includes the joint PARC & Penn Leonard Davis Institute (LDI) Research Briefs.

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    Health Screening for Emerging and Non-Communicable Disease Burdens Among the Global Poor
    (2021-01-26) Ciancio, Alberto; Kämpfen, Fabrice; Kohler, Hans-Peter; Kohler, Iliana V.
    Among adults in rural Malawi, population health screening for high blood pressure (BP) led to a 22-percentage point drop in the likelihood of being hypertensive four years later. Individuals with elevated BP received a referral letter upon initial screening; at follow-up, they had lower BP and higher self-reported mental health than individuals with similar BP who were just below the threshold for referral. Population health screenings can reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases in low-income countries.