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    The Classroom Engagement Scale: Validity Evidence and Implications for Use
    (Penn Child Research Center, 2017-07-01) Barghaus, Katherine; Fantuzzo, John; Coe, Kristen; Brumley, Benjamin; LeBoeuf, Whtiney
    This research brief describes the validation of the Classroom Engagement Scale for use in kindergarten based on it current full-scale use in the School District of Philadelphia. It provides the foundation for more meaningful use of the scale by parents and teachers as they work to build social-emotional competencies in kindergarten students.
  • Publication
    The Use of Integrated Data to Inform Quality Pre-K Expansion in Philadelphia
    (Penn Child Research Center, 2017-04-01) Barghaus, Katherine; Henderson, Cassandra; Coe, Kristen; LeBoeuf, Whitney; Fantuzzo, John; Moore, James
    This research brief describes how integrated administrative data from the City of Philadelphia's CARES data system were used to inform the expansion of pre-k services in the City of Philadelphia. It provides a model for other states and municipalities seeking to use integrated data to inform policy-making, particularly for young children and their families.