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The M.A. in History is designed for students with specific objectives such as community college or secondary school teaching, journalism, archival administration, library or public sector work, personal gratification, etc.



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    Negro Welfare Work in Philadelphia, Especially as Illustrated by the Career of William Still, 1775-1930
    (1931-02-01) Norwood, Alberta S
    Chapter I: Origin and Early History pf Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery Chapter II: Increase of Slavery and Corresponding Extension of Work of the Abolition Society Chapter III: Employment of William Still as Clerk in Office of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society - 1847 Chapter IV: Ramifications of Work of the Abolition Society Chapter V: John Brown Raid 1859 Chapter VI: War Preparations in Philadelphia Chapter VII: William Still's Interests Chapter VIII: William Still - Author Chapter IX: Still's Political Attitude Chapter X: Changes in Program of Abolition Society