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This paper presents the first evidence that the Spring Loaded Inverted Pendulum (SLIP) may be “anchored ” in our recently designed compliant leg hexapod robot, RHex. Experimentally measured RHex center of mass trajectories are fit to the SLIP model and an analysis of the fitting error is performed. The fitting results are corroborated by numerical simulations. The “anchoring ” of SLIP dynamics in RHex offers exciting possibilities for hierarchical control of hexapod robots.

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Conference Paper

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GRASP, Kodlab

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This work is supported by DARPA/SPAWAR under contract N66001-00-C-8026.
We thank Rodger Kram and Claire Farley for the use of the force plateform and
Irv Scher for collaboration at an early stage of this project.



Date Posted: 21 February 2014

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