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We extend the transformation-optics paradigm to a complex spatial coordinate domain, in order to deal with electromagnetic metamaterials characterized by balanced loss and gain, giving special emphasis to parity-time (PT) symmetric metamaterials. We apply this general theory to complex-source-point radiation and anisotropic transmission resonances, illustrating the capability and potentials of our approach in terms of systematic design, analytical modeling, and physical insights into complex-coordinate wave objects and resonant states.

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Castaldi, G., Savoia, S., Galdi, V., Alù, A., & Engheta, N. (2013). PT Metamaterials via Complex-Coordinate Transformation Optics. Physical Review Letters, 110(17), 173901. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.173901

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Date Posted: 09 May 2013

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