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In this work we theoretically demonstrate the possibility of cloaking a given object by surrounding it with a finite collection of suitably dimensioned, discrete "antiphase" plasmonic scatterers. It is shown that the total scattering from the object may approximately be canceled by the currents induced on a finite number of the plasmonic "satellite" scatterers, effectively making the whole system invisible to an external observer. Unlike other approaches, the proposed solution allows one to cloak a given object in a noninvasive manner since the antiphase satellites, being finite in number, do not need to fully cover and be in direct contact with the cloaked object.

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Cloaking mechanism with antiphase plasmonic satellites Mario G. Silveirinha, Andrea Alu, and Nader Engheta, Phys. Rev. B 78, 205109 (2008), DOI:10.1103/PhysRevB.78.205109
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genetic algorithms, plasmons, TRANSPARENCY, METAMATERIAL



Date Posted: 28 May 2009

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