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Strict Lyapunov functions are constructed for a class of nonlinear feedback compensated mechanical systems, requiring no à priori information concerning the initial conditions of the closed-looped system. These Lyapunov functions may be used to design a stable adaptive version of the "computed-torque" algorithm for tracking a reference trajectory. A particular Lyapunov function is then generalized to permit an adaptive version of control scheme forced by reference dynamics rather than reference trajectory.

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Conference Paper

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GRASP, Kodlab

Date of this Version

May 1987


Reprinted from Fifth Yale Workshop on Applications of Adaptive Systems Theory, May 1987, pages 259-265.

NOTE: At the time of publication, author Daniel Koditschek was affiliated with Yale University. Currently, he is a faculty member in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.



Date Posted: 11 July 2008