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Following our recently developed idea of employing plasmonic covers to cloak an isolated conducting, plasmonic or insulating sphere through scattering cancellation, here we extend this concept by investigating the possibility of cloaking multiple objects placed in close proximity of each other, or even joined together to form a single object of large electrical size. We show how the coupling among the single particles, even when placed in the very near zone of each other, is drastically lowered by the presence of suitably designed covers, thus providing the possibility of making collections of objects transparent and "cloaked" to the impinging radiation even when the total physical size of the system is sensibly larger than the wavelength. Numerical simulations and animations validate these results and give further insights into the anomalous phenomenon of transparency and cloaking induced by plasmonic materials and metamaterials.

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June 2007


Copyright 2007 Optical Society of America, Inc. Postprint version. Published in Optics Express, Volume 16, Issue 12, June 11, 2007, pages 7578-7590.
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optical materials, metals, scattering particles



Date Posted: 12 July 2007

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