Origami-Inspired Bistable Gripper with Self-Sensing Capabilities

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Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering
Robotics, Soft robotics, Origami, Bistable, Gripper, Sensing, EMG, emf
Penn Center for Precision Engineering for Health
Edwin and Fannie Gray Hall Center for Human Appearance Research
Penn Center for Undergraduate Research
National Institutes of Health
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Yang, Lele
Anbuchelvan, Ashwath
Garg, Raghav
Milbar, Niv
Vitale, Flavia
Sung, Cynthia

An origami-inspired bistable gripper, featuring a dual-function custom PET linear solenoid actuator that acts both as an actuator and a sensor, is presented. Movements in the permanent magnet plunger, which is directly mounted to the gripper, create induced electromotive force (emf) in the solenoid, and these induced emf measurements are used to detect snap-through actions and light contacts on the gripper. The fabrication methods for the gripper, actuator, and a gel-free soft wearable EMG electrode are outlined, and the actuator’s self-sensing method utilizing the time-integral of the induced emf measurements are explored. Because a self-sensing actuator eliminates the need for extra sensors, it allows for further miniaturization of the robot while maintaining its compactness and lightweight design. The paper also introduces a full humanin- the-loop system, allowing users to open or close the gripper with their biceps via a wearable EMG electrode. This system bridges human intent with robotic action, offering a more intuitive interaction model for robotic control.

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7th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Soft Robotics
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7th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Soft Robotics (Robosoft) 2024
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