The Penn Haptic Texture Toolkit for Modeling, Rendering, and Evaluating Haptic Virtual Textures


The Penn Haptic Texture Toolkit (HaTT) is a collection of 100 haptic texture and friction models, the recorded data from which the models were made, images of the textures, and the code and methods necessary to render these textures using an impedance-type haptic device such as a SensAble Phantom Omni. This toolkit was developed to provide haptics researchers with a method by which to compare and validate their texture modeling and rendering methods. The included rendering code has the additional benefit of allowing others, both researchers and designers, to incorporate our textures into their virtual environments, which will lead to a richer experience for the user.

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Please fill in your information on this form ( to be contacted about updates or bugs. Data files updated 12/17/2013. Rendering files updated and support for Windows application added 2/12/2014.
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