Swan Creek Reservoir Investigation

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Nogier, Matthew J

Swan Creek Reservoir is 23 acres in area and located within West Amwell Township, New Jersey. The reservoir serves as a source of public drinking water for residents of the surrounding area and is owned and operated by SUEZ Water New Jersey Lambertville, a water utility. Prior to distribution, SUEZ Water New Jersey Lambertville treats reservoir water to applicable drinking water standards. An investigation of current phosphorus levels in the reservoir was investigated to aid in the future management of algal blooms within the reservoir as it was hypothesized that nutrient levels had increased. A monthly sampling program was developed from four locations during January, February and March 2018. Water quality parameters recorded at each location included appearance, dissolved oxygen, pH, oxidation-reduction potential, specific conductivity, temperature and turbidity. Ammonia-N, chlorophyll a, nitrate-N, soluble reactive phosphorus, total dissolved phosphorus, total particulate phosphorus, total phosphorus and total suspended solids were also analyzed. All collected data was compared to applicable historic data made available by SUEZ Water New Jersey Lambertville with results showing that the reservoir is hypereutrophic, similar to other nearby water bodies. Additionally, total phosphorus levels were found to have increased over time in the reservoir, and as overland flow is a primary mechanism for phosphorus transport, it was hypothesized that phosphorus was being carried via overland flow from neighboring agricultural lands where phosphorus containing fertilizers may have been applied. Therefore, the uses of properties within or adjacent to the reservoir’s approximately 690 acre watershed were examined. Information regarding these properties was reviewed from EDR, Inc., government databases, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, StateInfoServices.com and West Amwell Township. This review, however, did not identify a source of phosphorus to the reservoir as the majority of surrounding land is either undisturbed woodland/wetland habitat or land utilized for farming on a small-scale.

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