From Past to Future: Revitalization of the Pollination/Meadow Garden and a Site Assessment for the Baxter Memorial

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Schmidt, Heather

The primary objective of the project is the completion of detailed analysis work of the area currently known as the Baxter Memorial and the Pollination Garden. Located at a highly visual intersection of the Pennock Garden, Rose Garden, and Garden Railway areas, the site provides an opportunity for a gathering and educational space. Analysis work covered topics of context, historical analysis, existing conditions, current vegetation, circulation, soils, focal points, views-vistas, topography, and hydrology. This is all compiled into an opportunities and constraints (potential and problem areas) analysis, which is a discussion of the analysis results. Following the analysis phase is a research phase. This phase examined case studies of projects with similar themes, learning from their successes and failures. Potential site materials such as the path surfaces and furnishings were also studied. Regionally appropriate native plants were studied to understand their benefits and associated relationships to wildlife including: birds, bees, flies, butterflies, and biological control insects. The final objective is to create a design proposal for the site including a planting design and species list. This phase will also look at how the design will be implemented. The garden will educate visitors of all ages about the evolutionary relationships between plants, pollinators, and wildlife. This educational garden will include signage and potentially a sculpture (created by Greg Leavitt) to create an entry focal point. The sculpture will memorialize Samuel Newman Baxter and his horticultural contributions to the Philadelphia region. This is to be a multi-use space that connects and relates to the Arboretum through aesthetic, mission, and forward vision.

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: An independent study project report by The Charles C. Holman Endowed Rose and Flower Garden Intern (2012-2013)
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