Declarative Automated Cloud Resource Orchestration

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Liu, CHangbin
Mao, Yun

As cloud computing becomes widely deployed, one of the challenges faced involves the ability to orchestrate a highly complex set of subsystems (compute, storage, network resources) that span large geographic areas serving diverse clients. To ease this process, we present COPE (Cloud Orchestration Policy Engine), a distributed platform that allows cloud providers to perform declarative automated cloud resource orchestration. In COPE, cloud providers specify system-wide constraints and goals using COPElog, a declarative policy language geared towards specifying distributed constraint optimizations. COPE takes policy specifications and cloud system states as input and then optimizes compute, storage and network resource allocations within the cloud such that provider operational objectives and customer SLAs can be better met. We describe our proposed integration with a cloud orchestration platform, and present initial evaluation results that demonstrate the viability of COPE using production traces from a large hosting company in the US. We further discuss an orchestration scenario that involves geographically distributed data centers, and conclude with an ongoing status of our work.

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Liu, C., Loo, B., & Mao, Y., Declarative Automated Cloud Resource Orchestration, ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing, Oct. 2011 © 1994, 1995, 1998, 2002, 2009 by ACM, Inc. Permission to copy and distribute this document is hereby granted provided that this notice is retained on all copies, that copies are not altered, and that ACM is credited when the material is used to form other copyright policies.
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