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  • Publication
    Sound at an Impasse
    (2009-03-01) Filreis, Alan
    This brief paper presents six reasons why studies of sound in the poetry and poetics of Wallace Stevens have been delayed or suppressed.
  • Publication
    Review of Leggett, Wallace Stevens & Poetic Theory
    (1988-03-01) Filreis, Alan
  • Publication
    Tests of Poetry
    (2003-04-01) Filreis, Alan
    Contribution to a forum convened by Robert von Hallberg to consider literary history as a method applied to poetry & poetics.
  • Publication
    The Stevens Wars
    (2009-12-01) Filreis, Alan
    This paper surveys the responsiveness of contemporary poets to the writings of Wallace Stevens in the period between 1975 and the present.
  • Publication
    Review of Forms of Farewell by Charles Berger
    (1986-03-01) Filreis, Alan
  • Publication
    Review of "Wallace Stevens across the Atlantic"
    (2010-01-01) Filreis, Alan
    Review of a book of essays about Wallace Stevens and Europe, edited by Bart Eeckhout and Edward Ragg, published by Macmillan in 2008.
  • Publication
    Stevens in the 1930s
    (2007-01-01) Filreis, Alan
    An overview of Wallace Stevens' poetic response to radical poets and ideas in the American 1930s.
  • Publication
    Selecting Three Poems by W. Stevens: A Roundtable Discussion
    (2009-10-01) Filreis, Alan
    Three poems by Stevens indicate a particular aesthetic predicament, expressions of near-cessation: "Mozart, 1935," "The Man with the Blue Guitar," and "The Plain Sense of Things." In the third poem, the imagination re-emerges at precisely the point of its termination. In the second, the poet ventures into pure sound just when an ideological model for the poem collapses. In the first, the poem is the result of a dodge on the matter of others' pain.
  • Publication
    Still Life without Substance: The Poetics of Agency
    (1989) Filreis, Alan
    A historical semiotic reading of poems Wallace Stevens wrote out of his relationship with French agents for the acquisition of paintings.
  • Publication
    Words with "All the Effects of Force: Cold-War Interpretation
    (1987-07-01) Filreis, Alan
    A review of two books about cold-war prospecutions of communists becomes an essay on free speech, academia, literary intention and cold-war interpretation of language.