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    Total Fitness
    (2010-07-23) Tolmachoff, Mark A.
    Total Fitness is a course of instruction designed to provide participants with evidence-based approaches and tools for improving well-being in each of five domains of health: emotional, social, family, physical, and spiritual. It is based heavily on positive psychology concepts, research, and empirically supported interventions. The twelve two-hour lessons focus on building positive attributes and psychological resources, such as character strengths, self-awareness, self-regulation, optimism, mental agility, and strong social connections. Each lesson provides practical skills or activities participants can use in their daily lives. They are accompanied with enough theory and scientific background to establish credibility and evidence that the applications, when practiced, will lead to meaningful change. Upon completion, participants should experience greater personal well-being and have the knowledge and confidence to help improve the well-being of their families and their military organizations.