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  • Publication
    Audiovisual Data Curation Primer Presentation
    (2023-12-14) Phegley, Lauren
    This presentation was given as part of the Data Curation Network's Primer Webinar held on 2023-12-14. The authors presented the highlights of our Audiovisual Data Curation Primer, which is a peer-reviewed concise resource designed to provide support for data curators in learning about audiovisual files. The full primer is openly avaliable at
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    Data Dictionary Blank Template
    (2023-10) Phegley, Lauren
    This is a blank data dictionary template intended to assist researchers with documenting the variables, structure, content, and layout of their datasets. A good data dictionary has enough information about each variable for it to be self explanatory and interpreted properly by someone outside of the original research group. There are two different file types for the data dictionary avaliable, a Excel file (.xslx) and a .csv file. The Excel file has both the template and the field descriptions on different sheets, while the .csv template and field descriptions are seperated into two csv's. This is because csv's do no allow for multiple sheets in one file. The template section provides you with commonly required columns that are necessary to fully define your data. The field descriptions section is where you define the column headers and possible values that can be entered. There is an example in the first row that can be deleted for you to enter in your own data. This template is build off of the Ag Data Commons "Data Dictionary - Blank Template" from the United States Department of Agriculture ( [no longer accessible online as of 2023-12-18].
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    Research Data Lifecycle Template
    (2023-08-09) Phegley, Lauren
    This Research Data Lifecycle Template can be used to help researchers clarify exactly what they are doing at each step of the data lifecycle and then think about what they need to add to their existing workflow for data management. This template can be downloaded and filled out to add data related tasks that researchers will do for their research project. For each step in the lifecycle, there are is a box for an example task and a box for possible concerns associated with the actions. The second page of the template is filled out to give researchers an idea of how the template can be utilized.
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    File Naming Formula Template
    (2023-08-09) Phegley, Lauren
    The File Naming Formula Template is a worksheet that supports the creation of meaningful, consistent, and unique file names. File names can be made up of individual elements added together using a spacing element (like underscores or camelCase capitalization) to create a consistent file naming format. The second page of the template is an example file naming convention that has been developed for a project. Once you fill out the template, print it out and put it in a prominent place in your workplace. If you work on collaborative files, appoint someone to hold your team accountable for their file naming practices.
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    FAIR Assessment Checklist for Data Repositories
    (University of Pennsylvania, 2024-01-25) Phegley, Lauren
    This assessment checklist is intended to support data repository managers who want to evaluate their repositories FAIR enabling practices. The FAIR checklist is provided as a guide to evaluating current implementation and future actions to make a repository FAIR enabling. The intention of this checklist is to allow for honest evaluation of concrete ways to be FAIR enabling, rather than admonishment for lack of adoption.