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  • Publication
    Using Film to Inspire Advocacy: An Interview with Shalini Kantayya
    (2017-12-01) Ilyas, Mahvish; Wu, Siga; Dalrymple, Dechan
  • Publication
    Interview with Philadelphia Water Expert Tiffany Ledesma
    (2019-03-04) Ilyas, Mahvish
    Tiffany Ledesma leads the Public Engagement Team for the Public Affairs Division at the Philadelphia Water Department, where she has spent 15 years as a contract employee, currently employed by CDM Smith. Tiffany’s background is in water resources and her expertise is in public affairs, partnership development, capacity- building and strategic communications. Tiffany is especially passionate about work in urban communities. The Public Engagement Team helps facilitate the implementation of infrastructure investments in the City of Philadelphia, including Green City, Clean Waters, through creative community outreach, public participation and program development. Tiffany holds a bachelor of arts from Villanova University and a master’s in environmental studies from University of Pennsylvania.