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  • Publication
    Innovation And Sanitation - An Overview Of Sanitation Focused Social Enterprises In Nairobi, Kenya
    (2019-11-23) Mechale, Abenezer; Mechale, Abenezer
    In Kenya, only 19% of urban residents have access to proper sanitation, while 87% of the population use cell phones on a daily basis. The stark divide between the availability of technology services and basic needs is characteristic of many emerging economies. With cheap imports providing Kenyans with access to modern technology, and the government’s increasing inefficiency, social enterprises are taking matters into their own hands. These enterprises are leveraging available technology to address the needs of the community and solving social problems in the most efficient way possible. For this research, I focused on three enterprises: Sanergy, SHOFCO and BURN and evaluated how technology has enabled them to rise above the crowd and maximize their impact in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Publication
    Mobile Money and Consumer Protection: An Analysis of Regulatory Environments To Enable Mobile Money
    (2021-05-01) Mechale, Abenezer; Mechale, Abenezer
    Since its rise in the early 2000s, mobile money has become one of the most successful innovations of the emerging economies. This paper provides an overview of the many benefits that mobile money provides within the context of emerging economies and makes the argument that enabling government regulation is crucial to the development of successful mobile money systems. More specifically, we find that within the context of sub-Saharan Africa, consumer protection is the most important aspect of government regulation that predicts the spread of mobile money. The paper also recommends a set of policy tools such as third-party fiduciary requirements and pass-through deposit insurance to safeguard customer funds.