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    The MIDdleware Assurance Substrate: Enabling Strong Real-Time Guarantees in Open Systems With OpenFlow
    (2014-06-01) King, Andrew L.; Chen, Sanjian; Lee, Insup
    Middleware designed for use in Distributed Real-Time and Embedded (DRE) systems enable cost and development time reductions by providing simple communications abstractions and hiding operating system-level networking API details from developers. While current middleware technologies can hide many low-level details, designers must provide a static configuration for the system’s underlying network in order to achieve required performance characteristics. This has not been a problem for many types of DRE systems where the configuration of the system is relatively fixed from the factory (e.g., aircraft or naval vessels). However for truly open systems (i.e., systems where end users can add or subtract components at runtime) the standard static network configuration approach cannot guarantee that required performance will be met because network resource demands are not fully known a priori. Open systems with stringent performance requirements need middleware that can dynamically manage the underlying network configuration automatically in response to changing demands. Fortunately, recent trends in networking have resulted in a wide variety of networking equipment that expose a standardized low-level interface to their configuration via the OpenFlow protocol. In this paper we discuss how OpenFlow can be leveraged by DRE middleware to automatically provide performance guarantees. In order to make the discussion concrete, we describe the architecture of our prototype middleware MIDAS as well as the details of one example network resource management strategy. We demonstrate the feasibility of our approach via performance assesment of a simple DRE application using our MIDAS and commerically available OpenFlow hardware.