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  • Publication
    Deliberative City Planning on the Philadelphia Waterfront
    (2005-01-01) Sokoloff, Harris; Steinberg, Harris M
    Development and revitalization in Philadelphia has suffered for years under the weight of a political culture that discourages public input. Backroom deals and personal relationships have often seemed to define the "public interest." This is the story of one attempt to give the public a voice in city planning and development.
  • Publication
    PhillydotMap: The Shape of Philadelphia
    (2009-10-01) Branas, Charles; Davitt, Joan K; Hillier, Amy; Cheetham, Robert; Cheetham-Richard, Rachel; Cohen, Rachel B; Decker, Joan; Heckert, Megan; Steinberg, Harris; Sullivan-Marx, Eileen; Hutchins, Jason; Tomlin, C. Dana; Kerman, Lucy; Volpe, Stella; Lechner, Zachary L; Wiebe, Douglas; McLarnon, Michael; Newlin, Heather; Scholssberg, Dina; Wormley, Diane-Louise
    This book is the outgrowth of a working group entitled, “Modeling Urban Environmental Impacts on Health, Development, and Behavior" sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Urban Research. The purpose of the working gropu was to engage faculty from across campus and to encourage their collaborative use of GIS technology in the modeling of urban form and function. These ten chapters represent a wide range of GIS applications, from community-based social services to public history to social science research.