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    Curating The Self: A Proposed Intervention for Positive Identity Crafting Through Self-presentation and Clothing
    (2013-01-01) Grace Baron, Jen
    The new field of positive psychology offers an opportunity to study what healthy people need in order to flourish. Just as eating, sleeping, and working are part of a fulfilling life, both how we experience ourselves and how others experience us, our identity, is a foundational pathway for creating relationships and producing well-being. Presenting oneself visually through the body and its adornment is a way in which we share ourselves and relate to others in the world. I argue in this capstone that self-presentation through the body and clothing is an omnipresent leverage point in shaping one’s identity in positive ways. This capstone draws on relevant literature from psychology and sociology to propose an intervention designed to support identity crafting through self-presentation and clothing on an ongoing basis.