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    Fair Use in Independent Documentary Filmmaking
    (2006-06-26) Hennefeld, Margaret
    Copyright law's "fair use" doctrine aims to protect artists' First Amendment-informed rights by establishing the legality of their non-licensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material of another author's copyrighted work into their own. However, ambiguities surrounding the function and extent of fair use, and the sheer legal expenses of clarifying these uncertainties on a case-by-case basis, frequently deny authors their First Amendment-based fair use rights. In the context of independent documentary filmmaking, a rigidly structured and highly expensive rights clearance culture generates many ethical ambiguities and thereby functions as a significant form of censorship.
  • Publication
    The Aesthetic Politics of Hollywood's Chain Gang in FDR's America
    (2006-04-03) Hennefeld, Margaret
    Mervyn Leroy’s 1932 film I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang functioned within a complex network of New Deal propaganda. This thesis analyzes the close connection between the film and its 1930s Great Depression American historical context through close readings of its visual and narrative politics. I divide this project into three parts: Chapter 1 explores Southern racial and penal histories through the lens of Frankfurt school theory; Chapter 2 demonstrates the ways in which pre-Code Hollywood business strategies structure the film’s representations of gender and transgression; Chapter 3 theorizes the film’s use of montage and its New-Deal embedded temporal politics.