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    Visual Servoing of Quadrotors for Perching by Hanging From Cylindrical Objects
    (2016-01-01) Thomas, Justin; Daniilidis, Kostas; Kumar, Vijay; Loianno, Giuseppe
    This paper addresses vision-based localization and servoing for quadrotors to enable autonomous perching by hanging from cylindrical structures using only a monocular camera. We focus on the problems of relative pose estimation, control, and trajectory planning for maneuvering a robot relative to cylinders with unknown orientations. We first develop a geometric model that describes the pose of the robot relative to a cylinder. Then, we derive the dynamics of the system, expressed in terms of the image features. Based on the dynamics, we present a controller which guarantees asymptotic convergence to the desired image space coordinates. Finally, we develop an effective method to plan dynamically-feasible trajectories in the image space, and we provide experimental results to demonstrate the proposed method under different operating conditions such as hovering, trajectory tracking, and perching.