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    Transcription, Translation, and Annotation: Observations on Three Medieval Islamicate Medical Texts in UPenn MS Codex 1649
    (2017-06-06) Langermann, Y. Tzvi
    Provides an introduction to previously unpublished and incomplete copies of three Arabic medical tracts translated in Judeo-Arabic: al-Mughnīfī Tadbīr al-Amrāḍ (“The Sufficient for the Management of Illnesses”) by Sa’īd ibn Hibat Allah (fols. 15-18, 40-52, 211-307), al-Adwiya al-Qalbiyya (“Cardiac Drugs”) by Abū ‘Alī Ibn Sīnā (fols. 25-39), and al- KāmilfīṢinā‘at al-Ṭibb (“The Complete [Book] in the Art of Medicine”), also known as al- Mālikī ( “The Royal [Book]”) by Abū al-‘Abbās al-Majūsī (fols. 53-210). The copies, compiled by a Jewish physician identified as David ben Shalom, were produced in Sicily in the fifteenth century in Sicily and provide a unique witness to the cross-fertilization of scientific thought in the late Middle Ages.