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  • Publication
    Holding Schools Accountable: Is It Working?
    (2001-09-01) Elmore, Richard F.; Fuhrman, Susan H.
    The authors share findings from a body of research on emerging accountability systems conducted by the Consortium for Policy Research in Education.
  • Publication
    The District Role in Instructional Improvement
    (2001-09-01) Corcoran, Thomas B.; Fuhrman, Susan H.; Belcher, Catherine L.
    Are changing conditions affecting the capacity of districts to provide focus, to coordinate support, and to scale up successful reforms? From a study of the roles played by central office staff members in shaping and supporting instructional reforms in three large urban districts, the authors derive an answer.
  • Publication
    Politics and Systemic Education Reform
    (1994-04-01) Fuhrman, Susan H.
    This brief describes political challenges to systemic reform and explores the condition under which coherent policy-making might occur.