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    Una ficción documental: el problema individuo/colectivo en el cine de Imanol Uribe
    (2006-04-21) Panopoulos, Adam G
    This paper seeks to explore the place of the Basque individual within his collective group identity. To this end, the tensions within ETA, the Basque separatist group, serve as an entrance point into the larger paradox of Basque cultural identity. In essence, Basque culture puts on a performance of its own cultural identity. Cinema therefore enables one to expose this performance of identity, since it is by its nature a "performance" of reality. In this light, Imanol's Uribe's four ETA-related films mark the transition from a documentary to a melodramatic style. Yet more importantly, Uribe's mixture of documentary and fictional modes sheds light on the contradictory place of the Basque militant within his group, and, consequently, within Basque society.